Cleansing & Supplements

Q.  How can a person cleanse if they are extremely allergic to psyllium? 

A: One can cleanse only using the herbs.  Sipping bentonite water (one teaspoon to an 8-10 glass of water) if one feels toxic has worked when it is not possible to do an enema.  Otherwise combine equal parts of Corn silk, guar gum, apple pectin, and slippery elm bark.


Q. What is your opinion of pharmaceutical grade bentonite?

A: It is very poor. The only difference between pharmaceutical grade bentonite and other bentonite is that pharmaceutical grade bentonite has been irradiated (nuked)!


Q.  Why are the toxic metals in the minerals not a problem (like Cl, As, Al, arsenic, lead, etc.) 

A: These minerals are in small, trace amounts and organic in nature.  They are not toxic in this medium.  They are derived from ancient vegetation and are naturally chelated to plant proteins. Organic Al actually  transmutes into silica and then into calcium according to Professor Lewis Kervran. This is explained in his book ? Biological Transmutations? on page 157.  Magalia, California: Happiness Press, 1988.


Q.  Would you recommend supplementing with liquid minerals when taking lots of bentonite? Is it true that bentonite absorbs minerals and nutrients as well as toxins?

A.  No, the bentonite will not absorb minerals and nutrients from the cells of the body. It only absorbs that which is cell-free in the intestinal tract as it moves through.


Q. Why is maltodextrin in products?

A.  It is used a flow agent and in very small amounts. Maltodextrin is a sugar that comes from malt and dextrin.  Malt is found in roasted malt, which comes from barley.  It is commonly used in bread, cakes, ice cream, candy, baked goods, gelatin desserts, chewing gum, and jelly. There is no known toxicity. Dextrin comes from starch and is used in beer, cereals, etc. Flow agents are essential in the bottling process and  maltodextrin is one of the most natural ingredients available.


Q.  Can you take Probiotics on a daily basis, long term?

A.  Yes.


Q.  If you forget to take Probiotics after cleansing for a few days, would you advise doing the Probiotics implant or just start taking the Probiotics daily again and for how long?

A:  We do not recommend doing an implant after you have started eating.  Just start taking the Probiotics daily until the bottle is gone.  Take about 3 capsules 3 times daily for a few days and you will make up for it quickly.


Q.  What about people who say they are allergic to psyllium?

A:  In the early days of the  cleanse, we didn't use the shakes.  It was only the herbs. However, most people feel much better using the shakes.  A person can do a cleanse without the shakes if necessary.  But they are approximately four times more likely to experience toxic cleansing reactions.  They should do two enemas daily, especially if they feel bad.


Q.  How much is too much enzymes?

A. Take enzymes as recommended on the bottle. While one could safely take more for short periods of time, only take large amounts of enzymes under the guidance and supervision of a practitioner, as a therapy.  We have seen damage in the blood of people who take lots of enzymes daily, for extended periods of time.  These people were taking 8 or more capsules a day relentlessly. Oftentimes they were taking very high potency enzymes  as well.  There are a lot of enzymes on the market, some of which are only available through practitioners.  I do not know whose enzymes these people were taking; one woman actually owned her own enzyme company.   Unfortunately, her health was deteriorating rapidly and she looked pretty bad.


Q.  Since some people get upset tummies with concentrated liquid minerals, it is okay to just take with meals?  Or must they be taken with herbs.

A.  For maximum use it is ideal to take between meals.  They should be diluted when taken.  Use with fresh squeezed citrus juice and you are unlikely to have an upset tummy.  If that continues, dilute  more. Tolerance increases with use.  If necessary, it is OK to take them with meals.


Q.  Where can one get chelated sodium?

A.   There are two kinds of chelated minerals.  Natural and processed.  No one chelates sodium.  The only chelated or organic sodium comes from food sources.  There is no 100% pure organic sodium available in a bottle, if that is your question.  That is why I created alkalizing formula.  Foods that are naturally high in organic sodium ( that is, sodium chelated to a plant protein ( are celery, okra, chard,  black mission figs, carrot juice, and goat (not cow) whey.


Q:  Is it really necessary to take Probiotics during cleansing?  A friend told me it would all get moved out with the herbs and the shakes, so what's the point?

A:  Yes, it's very important!  Your friend is correct, but even though a certain amount of friendly bacteria (which some individuals might already be somewhat deficient in) is pulled out during a pre-cleanse, it's  important to replace it daily, since the body requires friendly bacteria for a host of functions, including the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients of food (and herbs!).  Most people have an imbalance of friendly  bacteria.  By using FG daily throughout a cleanse, one substantially increases his chances of achieving the desirable bacterial environment.


Q:  I know cayenne is highly recommended during your cleansing program; any suggestions on how to proceed?

A:  If you already know you have stomach sensitivities, we would not recommend it. Otherwise, if you have never taken cayenne, we recommend starting with 1 capsule in the middle of a meal.  If ok, proceed to  taking 1 capsule with a set or two of the herbs.  If any discomfort arises, a few bites of  apple or some apple juice usually helps.  Most individuals take 1-2 capsules with each set of herbs.


Q.  Is cayenne pepper good for high blood pressure?

A.  Cayenne pepper is known for its beneficial properties on the circulatory system, and is traditionally known to be one of the most effective herbs for the heart.


Q.  I have heard a few rumors that bentonite is high in aluminum.

A: It is true that bentonite is high in naturally occurring aluminum.  Aluminum is probably second only to silica in abundance on this planet.  It is in almost every food.  The aluminum in bentonite is not processed and the body does not absorb it.  The electrical charge of the bentonite causes it to be repelled by the intestinal wall and it passes through, absorbing up to 40 times its weight in toxins. It has been used safely for hundreds, if not thousands, of years by native peoples.  It is on the FDA GRAS list, that is, it is Generally Recognized As Safe.  I have even had hair analysis performed after using lots of bentonite, there was no indication of a problem.


Q.  Can you overdo Probiotics?

A.    Too much would cause bloating for a few hours or days, but the effects would not be damaging.